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AMP Participant Agreement, Release and Waiver of Liability

By registering for the USNA Alumni Mentoring Program (AMP), I acknowledge and I voluntarily agree that my participation:

  • Is voluntary and that participants enter into and participate in AMP at their sole risk and without financial compensation:
  • includes my understanding, observing, and agreeing to the AMP Rules of Engagement (see below);
  • may or may not have any specific time frame;
  • occurs between USNA Alumni;
  • has no direct, hierarchical, or supervisory chain-of-command;
  • is intended to benefit all parties in the relationship for professional growth, career development, goal achievement, and other areas jointly defined by the particular Mentor and Protégé;
  • entails meeting in-person, electronically, or by other means of communication;
  • respects confidentiality;
  • adheres to the unclassified communication guidelines for chat forums;
  • is designed to facilitate the goals and objectives set out by the Protégé, but in no way guarantees that those goals and objectives will be achieved; and
  • is focused on guidance and support, constructive feedback, and sharing of wisdom.

Voluntary Release, Indemnification, and Waiver of Liability Statement

By registering and participating in the USNA Alumni Mentoring Program (AMP), I hereby voluntarily waive, release, indemnify, protect, and forever discharge the USNA Alumni Mentoring Program (AMP), the USNA Class of 1969 Foundation, the USNA Alumni Association,  the USNA Foundation, and each and all of their respective officers, directors, representatives, members, employees, agents, and committee members from and against all losses, claims, injuries, damages, demands, liabilities, causes of action or responsibilities of any nature or kind whatsoever, caused by, or directly and/or indirectly arising out of or in any way related to my involvement or participation in the USNA Alumni Mentoring Program (AMP).      

I further acknowledge and understand that there have been no background checks, e.g., criminal or otherwise, regarding any Mentor or Protégé. I have chosen to participate in AMP voluntarily and at my sole risk.

Rules of Engagement.

In order to benefit fully from the program, we recommend that you review and observe the following

1. Confidentiality

All discussions with your mentoring partner are to be kept confidential. The exceptions to confidentiality would include harm to self and others and any illegal conduct such as sexual harassment.

2. Guidelines

  • Refer to the Resources/Library available on your AMP dashboard to guide your mentoring process and make the most of the experience.
  • Limit comments in Discussion Groups to UNCLASSIFIED information and topics related to mentoring.
  • Discuss what your roles and responsibilities will be for the relationship.
  • Commit to meet on a regular basis (e.g. in person, by phone, or Skype).
  • Create a safe environment for honest and candid conversations.
  • Practice active listening to learn and problem solve.
  • Provide each other with honest, direct, and respectful feedback.

3. For Protégés

  • Mentors provide their services freely without request for, or expectation of, financial compensation.
  • Discuss what you hope to gain from the relationship. Work with your mentor to establish goals and objectives, action steps to take, target dates, and how to measure progress.
  • Schedule meetings, prepare agendas, and maintain focus.
  • Communicate with your mentor how you prefer to be motivated or encouraged when you are having difficulties.
  • Take initiative and responsibility for your development and meeting your goals.

4. For Mentors

  • Provide mentor services freely without request for, or expectation of, financial compensation.
  • Seek to leverage your experience, know-how, and network to help your protégé set higher goals and achieve more “their way."
  • Consider what you hope to gain from the relationship.
  • Ask your protégé how you can help if he or she is experiencing difficulties.
  • Find out what motivates your protégé.

5. Expectations

The mentoring program is focused on guidance, support, constructive feedback, sharing of wisdom, and coaching. It is not a job placement service. Recognize that mentors offer a range of skills and  knowledge, but might not be able to assist in every area.

6. Incompatible Match

In the event that your match is clearly incompatible, either party can close the match. Where possible, this should be discussed before hand out of respect for your partner.

7. Questions or Concerns

Address any questions or concerns to the Program Administrator at